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Is Israel Committing Genocide in Gaza

Is Israel Committing Genocide in Gaza?

The word “genocide” is starting to be used quite regularly in articles and discussions about Israel’s attack upon the Gaza Strip. Since Oct. 7, we have seen the indiscriminate bombing of homes, schools, hospitals, ambulances, shelters, and refugee camps. It was apparent to me that Israel was trying

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Van Jones Calls for Peace at Pro-Israel Rally

Pro-Israel Demonstrators at Odds with the American Public

Journalist/commentator Van Jones spoke before Pro-Israel demonstrators at a rally in Washington, DC. on Tuesday. Many who know him were bewildered why he would speak at such an event since he harbors pro-Palestinian sentiments. In his speech, he said he was there to show solidarity with the Jewish people, since they had stood with black Americans during

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Demand for Ceasefire in Gaza

Demand for Ceasefire in Gaza Grows Amongst People of the World, U.S. Officials

Over 400 U.S. officials from 40 different agencies signed a letter to President Biden, criticizing the current policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to the New York Times as reported by In the letter, they call for the U.S. to demand for ceasefire in Gaza by Israel, and a restoration of food, water, electricity, and other

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Antony Blinken Shedding Crocodile Tears

Amid State Department Revolt on Gaza, Blinken Feigns Crocodile Tears

There has been a state department revolt on Gaza of sorts, with 100 employees of the State Department and USAID signing a letter stating that Israel has committed “war crimes” in Gaza, and blasting U.S. support for what Israel is doing in Gaza, according to Axios. The document also singles out Joe Biden for spreading “misinformation” on

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Gaza Rescue

The Most Moral Army in the World

Israel has always made the claim that it is the “most moral army in the world.” They say that they do everything they can to prevent the killing of civilians. With an official death toll of over 12,000 civilians right now in Gaza, with many more missing, it merits a look into whether this claim has any

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Rashida Tlaib speaking on the House floor.

Rashida Tlaib Censured for Standing Up for Human Rights

Some day, the censure this week of Rashida Tlaib in the U.S. House of Representatives will be seen much like that of Joshua Giddings, in 1842, for proposing the abolition of slavery. In that future time, the dubious nature of Tlaib’s censure will be just as obvious. The censures in both cases were issued to hide the

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Palestine Rally at Stabenow’s office

Shut It Down for Palestine in Detroit

As part of a nationwide effort called “Shut it Down for Palestine,” demonstrators demanded a cease fire in Palestine as they blocked the doors of Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow’s office building today. Actions were planned in several cities across the country in states such as New York, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and California, to name

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