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Demand for Ceasefire in Gaza Grows Amongst People of the World, U.S. Officials

Demand for Ceasefire in Gaza
Pro-Palestinian Demonstration, Nov. 4, 2023, Washington D.C. —Photo Credit: AP

Over 400 U.S. officials from 40 different agencies signed a letter to President Biden, criticizing the current policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to the New York Times as reported by In the letter, they call for the U.S. to demand for ceasefire in Gaza by Israel, and a restoration of food, water, electricity, and other basic services.

This comes a day after 40 state department and USAID workers signed a letter that basically said that the U.S. was aiding in “war crimes” committed by Israel.

Actions continue around the country, and the world, calling for a ceasefire, and a just solution for the Palestinian people. Several pro-Palestinian demonstrations are sponsored by Jewish organizations, who want to make clear that Israel does not represent them in what they are doing in Gaza.

Press Opaque on Public Demand for Ceasefire in Gaza

Ignoring these and other rumblings of dissent with imperial policy, the mainstream press was more focused on the pro-Israeli rally in Washington on Tuesday. A larger pro-Palestinian rally was held on Nov. 4 in Washington with hardly a mention in the mainstream news.

A typical mainstream news broadcast in the U.S. will address the Palestinian suffering for a few moments. Shocking numbers of dead are reported with no introspection, and they never delve into any of the personal details of the victims.

Once the focus quickly switches to the Israeli side, however, the story is told a little differently. Not only is the segment longer, it will show pictures of the victims, talk about their aspirations, talk to members of their family, etc. Not that this is bad, but in contrast to the coverage, the Palestinians are simply numbers to be counted. They are not worth the air time to get to know them as humans, with lives, families, and aspirations of their own.

That is why it is so remarkable, despite the clearly biased coverage in the west, and especially the U.S., that so many people feel activated enough to hit the streets in defense of the Palestinians. Despite the fact that there is practically no support in the U.S. Congress, the majority of the U.S. population wants a ceasefire in Gaza. They simply want the killing to stop.

Attitudes in congress are not going to change unless our congresspeople start to fear the people more than the Israel lobby. Perhaps, with increased dissent on the streets, and possibly more to come from within the ranks, a tipping point can be reached. Perhaps then, the killing will stop for good, and the Palestinian people will finally enjoy the same basic human rights they are entitled to.


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