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Shut It Down for Palestine in Detroit

Palestine Rally at Stabenow’s office
Pro-Palestinian protestors block the main entrance to Debbie Stabenow’s office building.

As part of a nationwide effort called “Shut it Down for Palestine,” demonstrators demanded a cease fire in Palestine as they blocked the doors of Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow’s office building today. Actions were planned in several cities across the country in states such as New York, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and California, to name just a few.

The Detroit version was attended by around 100 people, most on the younger side, where they chanted for an immediate ceasefire to the Israel assault on Gaza, among other things related to the decades-long occupation. They clearly recognize the ongoing slaughter as a genocide, and accused Senator Stabenow of complicity, asking “how many kids have you killed today?”

Stabenow is generally supportive of arms shipments to Israel. This makes the U.S. partly responsible for whatever Israel does with them. Especially when they are used against a defenseless civilian population for the purpose of collective punishment. This is a clear crime against humanity according to international law. As it’s main weapons supplier, the U.S. is complicit, and so is any government official who goes along with the program.

Stabenow’s office was completely unresponsive to the demonstrators, and made no effort to speak with them or address their concerns in any way.

Passersby offered some support with friendly nods of agreement with the Shut it Down for Palestine demonstrators. People in their cars honked their horns.

As of this writing, the death toll in Gaza officially stands at 10,812. However, many more are missing and some estimate that the death toll is closer to twice the official number.

Israel attacked the Al-Nasr children’s hospital twice today. Israel says that it is only trying to destroy Hamas. Meanwhile, 14 Palestinians were killed and another 16 wounded, according to Al-Jazeera in the West Bank, where Hamas is non-existent.


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